Tunisian Republic – Ministry of Trade and Export Development

23 April 2024
202, Avenue Farhat Hached 6000 Gabès - Tunisie

Visit of His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia to the CCISE

On Tuesday March 5, 2024, His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia, Mr. Zuhairi MISRAWI, and his delegation visited the South East Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of the visit focused mainly on the modalities of joint collaboration between the Embassy and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the South East.

The President of the Chamber Mr. Ridha KILANI underlined on this occasion the importance of establishing commercial cooperation between the two countries, of taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by Tunisian businessmen and their Indonesian counterparts.

His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia expressed his honor for visiting the CCISE and expressed the desire for effective cooperation to be established between the two parties. Future scheduled events:

– The international African-Indonesian conference

– International Fair in Indonesia October 2024

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