Tunisian Republic – Ministry of Trade and Export Development

14 July 2024
202, Avenue Farhat Hached 6000 Gabès - Tunisie

Business Support

The Mission

Supporting businesses to improve their performance.

The objective

Addressing the customized needs of economic operators by providing value-added services. We play the roles of catalyst, facilitator, mediator, and advocate to assist the company in improving its performance to achieve its objectives. The services offered are based on 4 axes:

Axe 1: Support for the creation or expansion of projects:
Axe 2: Assistance with administrative formalities:
Axis 3: Provision of economic information:
Axis 4: Export Support:
  1. Sample preparation.
  2. Determination of the export price of a product.
  3. Preparation of the Technical Data Sheet for a product.
  4. Product promotion.
  5. Search for potential clients for a continuous market.
  1. Agreements and Conventions between Tunisia and countries.
  3. Certificates of origin….