Tunisian Republic – Ministry of Trade and Export Development

17 April 2024
202, Avenue Farhat Hached 6000 Gabès - Tunisie

Export support

The CCISE, through its various platforms, contributes to the development and promotion of exports to the private sector, aiming to strengthen its role in support and assistance.

Supporting exporters, guiding them through the procedures for conquering foreign markets and establishing a presence, assisting them in gaining international recognition, and providing them with reliable information about targeted countries: regulations, calls for tenders…

Export support

In order to guide and assist its members in their export procedures, CCISE periodically organizes business missions, partnership meetings, awareness days, with the aim of diversifying its international destinations.

Export Procedures

The export of goods is subject to numerous formalities, including obtaining a certificate of origin, an ATA carnet, in addition to the rules and procedures governing trade, transportation, and customs clearance. As for the travel of its members, CCISE provides them with a visa service.

Export Center

The Export Center within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Southeast was created with the mission of guiding and supporting exporters through:

Selling foreign trade documents.

CCISE provides businesses with official foreign trade forms necessary for the completion of their procedures. List of Foreign Trade Forms:

The Southeast Chamber of Commerce and Industry informs all its members requesting certificates of origin that benefiting from the approval of these certificates requires depositing the legal file and the technical file of the company, which includes the following documents:

Legal file:

*The Basic Law STATUT 

*Guaranteed by the National Register of Institutions.

*Last Tax Receipt

 *Customs code

*Authorization and Approval

Technical file

*Production Cost Structure  

*Annual Review  

*Signature specimen  

On the other hand, you know that benefiting from authentication services is after paying the annual subscription fee.